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Publisher component


Use of repository to handle publish requests and deploy Web archives on PageBoxes

The Editor installs PublisherServer in an Application Server. Then the Editor configures PublisherServer to deploy the presentation on ISP/ASP sites.
The Content providers use PublisherClient to publish archives.

New with version 1.0.2 (downloaded after February 20, 2001)

  • PublisherServer deploys on subscribed PageBoxes.
    Suppose you configure a new PageBox (see Configurator to make it easily). You can subscribe this new PageBox on
    Then your pagebox and JSPservletDemo are in the same administrative area. When you publish an archive, it is published on all subscribed PageBoxes, including JSPservletDemo and your PageBox. This feature allows the creation of PageBox constellations. For more information see Ursa.
  • You can display PublisherServer archives, including their permissions and certificates.
  • You can display subscribed PageBoxes and deployed archives.
  • PublisherClient and PublisherServer now support certificate and policy upload

You can browse their documentation, PublisherServer JavaDoc and PublisherClient JavaDoc for more information.

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