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The diagram below shows the components of the PageBox environment. Click on a box to read the component documentation.

With custom classloader With SOAP Web services Tomcat 3.2, Resin 1 and 2 Sun JES 2 Sun JES 2 Cocoon 1.8.2 PHP 4 tested with Apache and BadBlue ASP.NET in C# First version with the Sun Java Web service developer pack



The new version of PageBox with a layered architecture was fully implemented first in .NET.

Click on a box to read the component documentation.

.NET and PHP 4 versions Distributed computing, data-dependent routing, location-dependent routing, load balancing cache and data replication control to control communication Web control definition Distributed application Control using the Google API Use of ActiveNaming, coordinator and Grid API


The PageBox for PHP version was a kind of prototype for the .NET version and only implements the PageBox core and Query Web service.


PageBox for Java goes a step further with:

  • An installation API

  • A deployment with relays

  • A delta (jardiff) deployment

  • A more secure repository

Click on a box to read the component documentation.

PageBox for Java Token Ring implementation Measurement facility Extensions Active Naming Generic installation class Prometheus Pandora Epimetheus EuroLCC


We wrote several papers related to PageBox technologies.


A three part article published in Java Developer Journal and called a "Practical solution for the deployment of JavaServer Pages":

PageBox concept

Other papers

Hints and tips

Every time we release a new version we update the PageBox News.

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