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This site is primarily the site of PageBox, hence the name.

PageBox is a way to distribute and deploy Web Applications, Web components and Web pages.

We wrote a section about Intellectual Property (IP) for the following reasons:

  • It is no longer possible to run a software business without knowing something about IP and patents. This is true even for Open Source. Actually software and business methods patents may strengthen the Open Source movement by forcing everybody to either protect or publish its Intellectual Property.

  • Patent databases are a reliable source of information that can be used for business intelligence, to design around patents and to learn the history of the (computer) science.

  • IP is a fascinating matter with its own language that teaches us about reasoning.

We describe here patent search means, business method and software patents. We also describe the other parts of Intellectual Property, which are the trademarks and the copyright. The patent documents being quite big, we split them in chapters.


Intellectual Property is increasingly important in our Society. In this page we focus on patents. We explain where to find patent (patent texts is freely available and easy to find in Western countries) and how the patent system is working. We illustrate our explanations with examples.

This document is split into four chapters:

  1. presentation;

  2. search in patent databases;

  3. patent issues;

  4. Intellectual Property strategies.

Business method and software patents

In this page we consider patentability conditions; we explain how to analyze business method and software patents; and we analyze the interesting case of MercExchange v. eBay and

The two first chapters present the issue:

  1. patentability of software and business methods patents;

  2. patent analysis.

In the four last chapter we describe the MercExchange v. eBay case:

  1. MercExchange patents;

  2. eBay;

  3. trial;

  4. re-examination of the MercExchange patents.

Business view

In this page we analyze software and business method patents from a business point of view. We explain why and how companies and people file software and business method applications and show that software and business method patents do not differ in nature from other domains’ patents such as drug patents.

Patent examination

In this page we compare the patent examination procedures in USA and in Europe. We analyze the re-examination of the PanIP and Eolas patents.

This document is split into four chapters:

  1. US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examination;

  2. European Patent Office (EPO) examination;

  3. re-examination of the PanIP patents;

  4. Eolas v. Microsoft case and re-examination of the Eolas patent.


In this page we present the trademark law in USA and elsewhere. We analyze the Google and Nissan cases.


In this page we present the copyright law in USA and elsewhere. We analyze the Apple v. Microsoft, the Sony Betamax and the MGM v. Grokster cases.

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