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Diskless embedded version


Deployment of Web archive in diskless embedded (OSGi) PageBox


  1. You install JSPservlet on your presentation servers and you store your Web Archives on a Web Server.
    The presentation server is an Open Service Gateway Initiative (OSGi) service framework.
    We focused on Sun JES 2 but you should be able to port JSPservlet to other OSGi service frameworks.
    The only requirement is a J2SE JVM.
  2. Then you trigger the deployment of the Web Archives on the presentation servers using an administration servlet of JSPservlet. Then it works as depicted on the figure.

Your Web Archives run on the same JVM but they are loaded by independent class loaders and can run in sandboxes. You can see JSPservlet as an applet container for Web Archives. The only difference is JSPservlet updates an archive only when requested by the administrator.

Your archive is deployed either:

  • As a diskless server that maintains logs, statistics and archive lists for it and on behalf of diskless clients.
  • As a diskless client

I didn't find better words. Server and client refer to their role in JSPservlet to JSPservlet communication. A diskless client acts as a server for browsers just like a diskless server. Diskless refer to the JSPservlet version. As a consequence a diskless server is not diskless as it writes on local file systems and a diskless client is a server. However, this naming is useful when you configure them.

diskless embedded (OSGi) clients and servers using ICP protocol

The communication between diskless clients and servers use ICP, a protocol borrowed from cache servers and can use multicast.

You can browse its documentation and its JavaDoc for more information.

Download version 1.0.2

Sources .zip .tar.gz
Product for JES 2 

If you want to use JSP taglibs you also need a bundle we made to wrap Tomcat tagext.
The source is a minimal activator. You can download the pre-packaged bundle here.


Html .zip, .tar.gz
JavaDoc .zip, .tar.gz

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