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Deployment of Web archive in PageBox


  1. You install JSPservlet on your presentation servers and you store your Web Archives on a Web Server.
    The presentation server is a regular J2EE Application server. We focused on Tomcat and Resin but you should be able to port JSPservlet on other Application servers.
    The only requirement is a J2SE 2 (JDK 1.2 or 1.3) JVM.

  2. You can trigger the deployment of the Web Archives on the presentation servers using an administration servlet.
    JSPservlet is however designed to be used in combination with Publisher repository. In that case:
    1. You subscribe your JSPservlet on one or more repositories.
    2. Someone (not necessarily you) publishes a Web archive on a repository.
    3. The repository deploys the Web archive on subscribing repositories.

Your Web Archives run on the same JVM but they are loaded by independent class loaders and can run in sandboxes. It means that your Web Archives can run with different - incompatible - libraries for instance Xerces 1.2 for some archives and Xerces 1.3 for some others. See Cocoon/SOAP support for more information.
You can see JSPservlet as an applet container for Web Archives. The only difference is JSPservlet updates an archive only when requested by the administrator or the Publisher.

You can browse its documentation and its JavaDoc for more information.

Download version 1.0.4

.zip for Tomcat
.tar.gz for Resin


Html .zip, .tar.gz
JavaDoc .zip, .tar.gz

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