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The configurator is a wizard that assists the installation of PageBoxes and Publishers on remote sites. It is based on the experience of first installations on ASPs. Though there are relatively few JSPservlet and Publisher initialization parameters, some of them are absolute paths likely to change from a host to another.

Configuration problems could have two important impacts:

  • Experienced users can waste time in a cumbersome process
  • Newbies can be deterred using PageBoxes

Configurator is designed to address this issue. It is made of two servlets JSPservletConfig and PublishConfig you install first on the target Application server. As they run on the target host, they can check if you are allowed to write on specified directories or if a repository is accessible through HTTP.

JSPservletConfig and PublishConfig are also able to install or update a PageBox or Publisher. They use GET mode, so you can easily copy/paste the command line used to install a PageBox or Publisher and reuse it in batches for subsequent updates.

JSPservletConfig and PublishConfig display forms to assist PageBox configuration.

You can browse its documentation and JavaDoc for more information.

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