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pluggable PageBox device hosting an Application server   The PageBox device looks like a PDA but is thickier. It includes:
  1. A RJ45 Ethernet adapter
  2. A CompactFlash reader
CPU 250 to 400 Mhz StrongARM, PowerPC...
RAM 128 to 256 MB.

It can run any Operating System that supports a Java 2 VM, PHP or ASP.NET.

The local administrator:
  1. Inserts the CompactFlash card in the device. The CompactFlash card contains either
    • The VM, Application server (Tomcat or Resin) and the Java PageBox code
    • The PHP runtime and a Web server supporting PHP and the PageBox for PHP code
    • An ASP.NET Web server and the PageBox for .NET code
    The CompactFlash card can also contain pre-installed presentations.
  2. Connects the device on a LAN
  3. Configures its IP address and name
  4. Uses the browser to subscribe to a Presentation repository. Then published presentations are downloaded and users can access presentations on the device.

The local administrator can also download new versions of PageBox and required software.
A PageBox device is designed to be deployed in this configuration:

  1. Branch offices deploy PageBox devices on their local LAN.
  2. Employees of branch offices use PageBox presentations
  3. PageBox presentations invoke Web services
  4. Administrators connect to PageBoxes through Internet. They administrate PageBoxes with Web browsers.
  office with PageBox device calling Web services with Web administration


TroubleShooting Logs are stored on the CompactFlash card. Remote administrators use a Web browser to check the logs, fix the problem and update the code.
Benefit Sub-second response time on remote locations without deployment issue.

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