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Other products and documents


  • Cuckoo is a Web authoring tool written in Word VBA. Cuckoo produces XML/XHTML files that can be combined to create site pages. Cuckoo is internationalized.

  • Ptah is a tool written in Java/Swing. Ptah generates XHTML maps and complements Cuckoo.


  • The algorithm document describes algorithms and methods

  • The graph document is an introduction to the graph theory

  • The Kalman document presents Kalman filters, a simple method to estimate variables and make predictions

  • The Air Transport document presents the Air Transport industry, one of the best prototypes of the future world where all human activities will be integrated, administrations, companies and contractors

  • In the Society and computing document we try to show how the Society and computers interact and how things could evolve

  • In the Human network document we describe human networks in companies. They are a barrier to change and they use a simple though interesting protocol.

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