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What is PageBox?

PageBox is a facility for deploying applications on remote locations. Like other deployment tools PageBox is made of a central facility where are defined the applications to be deployed and from which these applications are deployed and of agents installed on remote locations and handling central point requests. In PageBox words, the central facility is the Repository and the agent is the PageBox agent, PageBox in short.

PageBox differs from other deployment tools in that the agent is a Web application running on an Application server and in that the deployment is made with Web services. PageBox is firewall-friendly and optimized for installing Web applications.

A Web application installed with PageBox can use a PageBox API to take benefit from this deployment model:

The Repository is also a Web application implementing forms where the agent administrators can add (subscribe) new PageBox agents and application publishers can publish their application.

Why PageBox?

Today we have the choice between client/server and Web applications:

With PageBox, we develop Web Applications but we deploy close to the client. It is a bit like cellular phone. A PageBox is a cell and we define more or less cells for an area depending on the number of clients. The PageBox host can be a regular PC or an appliance.

We wrote PageBox also for two other reasons:

What are the differences between PageBox flavors?

Since August 2000 we experiment different PageBox designs:

This experience allowed designing a new J2EE version, called PageBox for Java whose development started in September 2002 and is still ongoing. This version implements the most effective functions found in the previous versions and address their shortcomings:

As a consequence the different versions are not interoperable and don’t have the same functions.

We froze all versions except PageBox for Java to concentrate our efforts on this version that should move to beta status in the coming months. This PageBox for Java could also be augmented for a better support of controls in the .NET version way.

What is the PageBox license?

PageBox implementations were developed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

With this license we state that PageBox is copyrighted; and we add distribution terms, which are a legal instrument that gives everyone the rights to use, modify, and redistribute PageBox code or any program derived from it but only if the distribution terms are unchanged.

Which other tools can we find on this site?

We wrote three other tools.

The most important is Cuckoo, a Web authoring tool allowing writing pages in Word. Cuckoo translates Word documents into XML and applies an XSL translation to the generated XML files. The XML intermediate step allows quickly changing the layout of a Web site and merging multiple contents. Almost all the PageBox site was produced with Cuckoo. Cuckoo has its own FAQ that you can find here.

Ptah is a simple JFC application to create HTML image maps. We use it in combination with Cuckoo to produce pages like the PageBox map.

We also wrote a toolkit for finding patents close to a reference document on the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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