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Cuckoo FAQ

What is Cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a Web authoring tool written in Word VBA.

It translates Word documents conforming to a small set of rules to XML. It can also transform the XML content in client or server pages ready for deployment.

Other tools do a better conversion job than Cuckoo. These tools are fine when you want to publish at the cheapest cost an existing content. The problem is not the format but the stylistic rules and the size: most Word documents are just too big for the Web. They combine a hierarchical and formal presentation with a lack of attention to details.

Cuckoo small, easy-to-remember set of rules is the easy part. The hard thing is to write for the Web.

Cuckoo supports:

  • Regular html

  • ASP

  • JSP

  • Cocoon

  • Resin XTP

Cuckoo also support form design.

Why a plug-in?

  1. It is much simpler to write a plug-in than an authoring tool.

  2. Cuckoo is Open Source. Because it is a plug-in, it is simple and compact. You can understand and change it. Can you really change eMacs or Mozilla?

Why a Word plug-in?

  1. Most people know Word

  2. Word is one of the most successful products. Through OEM many people get their PC with Word installed ('Microsoft tax').

  3. Word VBA is quite powerful and the IDE is great

  4. Word includes a spell checker.

Why Cuckoo is on this site?

PageBox is a facility to deploy and host presentations close to their users.

Cuckoo is a tool to create presentations quickly.
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