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Reservation booking


Customers book a resource at a given date for a given slot.

Book.aspx allows booking and displaying the booking status.

Booking information is stored in the bookings table. When a booking is made the resource table is also updated (booked and available entries).

For more information about the database model, visit resa-db.html.


Booking form: On the top left are listed the current bookings. You can cancel or select them. On the bottom left you have a schedule. Check a slot to book. On the right hand you have a calendar that you use to select the booking date

The Book.aspx form is divided in three parts:

  • A list of the current bookings for the logged customer

  • A calendar

  • A schedule

Current bookings

The current booking list shows for each booking its date and time.

If you select a booking, the calendar is set to the booking date and the schedule is populated from the selected date booking data.

You can click on Cancel to remove a booking.


The calendar allows selecting a booking date. Then the schedule is populated from the selected date booking data.


The schedule shows the slots of day selected with the calendar or the booking list.

A slot is disabled if there is no more available resource for this date.

A slot is checked if the user has booked a slot at this date and time.

You can remove all bookings for this date using the Cancel booking button.

Check a slot to add a booking. Uncheck a slot to remove a booking and click on the Book button to store the changes in the database.
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