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Illustrated genealogy

I wrote an example of typical home page, Illustrated genealogy.

It took me one day:

  • Two hours to look the pictures and interview my parents.

  • Six hours to take the pictures (the original pictures were sometimes of bad quality)

  • Two hours to write the text and improve the writing and look

Let me know if you write similar pages:

  • Old pictures that you found in the attic

  • With comments and explanations from elderly

  • With explanations. Because the page is on Internet, you cannot assume that the reader lives in the same cultural environment

  • In English

I would like to create or contribute to a yellow book of such pages.

During 20th century a huge number of images and films were taken in every family. If you don’t spend time filtering and organizing this content it will be lost and the only history that will remain will be the official one. Every time one of your parents dies, all her or his knowledge is lost. So you are on hurry.

Why should you publish it on Internet?

  • It requires more efforts. You must select the pictures and reword your comments.

  • Once it is on Internet it stops changing - forever -

  • The son of the son of the son of your son should be able to retrieve it


  1. Images and comments belong to you

  2. Put a Copyright notice: "Copyright your_name year. All right reserved.". With Cuckoo, define the Copyright notice in the style sheet or in the site file to be sure that it will be present on all your pages

  3. Avoid publishing high quality pictures. They take more time to download and can be copied
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