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PageBox for .NET


PageBox for .NET is a version of PageBox written in C#.

For more information about PageBox concept you can read:

The Presentation document

The Rationale document


Through PageBox for .NET implements the same concept as Java PageBox,

PageBox for .NET is based on the PageBox for PHP design.


PageBox for .NET has been tested with .NET beta 2.



PageBoxes deploy presentations. Users query presentations and presentations call Web services.

A PageBox host is not necessarily an ASP. On Internet it can be any host with a static IP address. On Intranet it can be any server.

The Application Server is IIS with .NET framework installed.

The presentation can be in any format supported by the PageBox host, for instance:

PageBox for .NET also support the deployment of


PageBoxes subscribe to repositories. Presentation providers publish presentations. The repository deploys the presentations on subscribing PageBoxes.

A PageBox repository is essentially a well-known point where:

PageBox repository is implemented as a set of .aspx and C# files.

Presentation provider

The Presentation provider publishes presentations on repositories.

Distributed applications

PageBox for .NET 0.0.4 and above include a support for distributed applications:

PageBox implements a Web service that allows an installed application to get the list of the PageBoxes subscribing to the application archive.

Reservation is an example of distributed application. Reservation allows customers to book resources on its own database. When it is installed by a PageBox, Reservation allows customers to also search other suitable (closest) PageBoxes.

Active Naming and Grid API

PageBox for .NET 0.0.5 and above include the Active Naming and the Grid API described in the Grid document.


See the Installation guide to download and install PageBox for .NET.

See the Customization guide for more information about the implementation and configuration files.

See the Active Naming guide for more information about the use and implementation of the Active Naming.

See the Grid guide for more information about the use and implementation of the Grid API.
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