GoogleControl: Example of control for PageBox for .NET GoogleControl

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GoogleControl is an example of PageBox control written in C# for .NET.

It implements a user interface to the Google API and allows setting:

  1. The control width

  2. The control style

  3. The Google license

GoogleControl isolates the user interface to the Google API. If the Google API changes you only need to update and re-deploy GoogleControl on your sites. If other search engines can provide a similar API, you can modify GoogleControl to interface with another search engine and re-deploy GoogleControls on your sites. In both cases you don’t need to change the pages that use GoogleControl.

GoogleControl implements the three forms of PageBox control described in Control concept:

Google API

The Google API uses the SOAP and WSDL standards. For more information you can visit You need a Google account to use the API and therefore GoogleControl. You can also download the Developer kit, which includes a C# proxy.


The GoogleControl documentation includes:
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